2 Best Surf, Skate & Street Tuxedos

List Updated July 2020

Bestselling Surf, Skate & Street Tuxedos in 2020

Reef Mens 34 Teal

Reef Mens 34 Teal
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2020
  • Reef Slideazoid boardshort.
  • Men's boardshorts.
  • Performance boardshort with velcro and tie waist.
  • Velcro close patch pocket with drainage hole at right leg.
  • Allover color block stripe print.

Reef Mens Boardshort 36 Teal

Reef Mens Boardshort 36 Teal
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2020

Why Movies Are Better Than TV Shows

Movies are better than TV shows. This article explains why. In short, movies are works of art; they can inspire and move. TV shows are made to generate cheap laughs or to scare the viewer. Watch a movie tonight instead of channel-surfing.

Why Movies Are Better

TV shows are generally cheaper (in terms of content) and made to appeal to a wide audience. The reason for this is that those in charge of television programming are mostly concerned with generating content that most people will want to watch, thereby guaranteeing that advertisement will be seen by many viewers.

What better way to circumvent this sea of mediocrity than by choosing a film to watch at home? There are endless great films out there, from drama to comedy. (For some suggestions, please find a short list of highly recommended movies at the end of this article.)

Movies are works of art and are developed over years, with talented actors making endless commitments and sacrifices to their roles. TV actors work hard as well, however their work usually goes into generating something designed for cheap laughs or thrills. There are some excellent TV shows (Sons of Anarchy and Curb Your Enthusiasm come to mind), however the majority of TV channels are filled with garbage network programming fed to the troughs of the masses.

In terms of practicality, a film is much superior to a TV show if you have company, or if you want to watch something with a loved one. For some reason, watching a movie with someone is much more intimate than flipping through TV channels, is it not?


The best advantage of movies over TV shows, however, is that movies are uninterrupted by commercials. Sure, you see a few harmless previews before the movie starts, but these can be avoided by arriving 10-15 minutes early or by fast-forwarding, depending on your setting. If you're forced to watch the previews, they can provide great conversation fodder, whether you're making fun of the trailer or are legitimately interested in the movie being advertised.

Why are TV commercials worse than movie previews? Well, it's a known fact that the advertisements you see on TV are a subtle form of hypnotization. (Hypnotization is an over-used word and is not necessarily as evil as it sounds; you can be hypnotized while driving on a highway, for example.) They are designed to distract your brain and trick it into thinking it absolutely needs whatever product is being advertised (after all, that's the point of commercials, is it not?) The worst part is that they're annoying and unavoidable, making yet another case for watching movies over TV.


When deciding whether to watch a movie or a TV show, choose a movie. You will have more of a selection and will have a greater experience overall. Make it into a movie night; make some food, grab some wine and invite a few friends over. A movie night is a very cheap way for a lot of people to enjoy themselves in the comfort of someone's home. For some suggestions of great movies to watch, see the list below, and enjoy.

Recommended Movies:
On The Waterfront (1954, Drama)
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (1998, Comedy)
Airplane! (1980, Comedy)
There Will Be Blood (2020, Drama)
Pi (1998, Psychological Thriller)
Equilibrium (2002, Sci-Fi Drama)


Graham, Kenneth R. Media Hypnosis in Advertising and Politics. 2020. Print.

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