13 Best Sports Fan Golf Equipment

List Updated July 2020

Bestselling Sports Fan Golf Equipment in 2020

Cooling Towel for Instant Relief - 40" Long As Scarf - XL Ultra Soft Breathable Mesh Yoga Towel - Keep Cool for Running Biking Hiking Golf & All Other Sports, Waterproof Bag Packaging with Carabiner

Cooling Towel for Instant Relief - 40
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2020

RIVBOS 805 POLARIZED Sports Sunglasses with 5 Set Interchangeable Lenses for Cycling (White&Red)

RIVBOS 805 POLARIZED Sports Sunglasses with 5 Set Interchangeable Lenses for Cycling (White&Red)
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2020
  • FIVE INTERCHANGEABLE LENS- Only The Main Black Lens are polarized. Restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light, make the scenery more clear and soft and protect eyes perfectly. We provide five lens for you to exchange. One is the multi-color lens, the yellow one is for night activities,the blue one is for beach,the clear one is for windy weather, the black one is polarized for driving and other outdoor activities.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PC LENS- Lens are made of high quality shatterproof PC material that is durable enough for long time using. They are suitable and interchangeable for any climate and weather conditions. And we have added UpGrade Patent Design for Switching lenses,it's easy to switch the lens now.
  • SUPERLIGHT, STYLISH, DURABLE- Lightweight design is ideal for usage by motorcycle and cycling bicycle, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, climbing, trekking or other outdoor activities enthusiasts. Fashion and stylish design, with rich color combinations of frames and lens. Polycarbonate lens and frames are impact, scratch resistant, durable and unbreakable.
  • LIFETIME BREAKAGE WARRANTY ON FRAME- We provide lifetime breakage and warranty on Frame and Lens.Please feel free to contact our customer service anytime if you feel unsatisfied or confused.
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- All RIVBOS customers enjoy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Customers can return and get refunded in case the purchasing is not satisfied for any reason. You have no risk to try.

SYOURSELF Cooling Towel for Instant Relief - Cool Bowling Fitness Yoga Towels - 40"x12" Use as Cooling Neck Headband Scarf,Stay Cool for Travel Camping Golf Football &Outdoor Sports(Hot Pink)

SYOURSELF Cooling Towel for Instant Relief - Cool Bowling Fitness Yoga Towels - 40
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2020
  • INSTANT COOLING, REUSABLE - quickly cools down by just soaking, wringing the water out and snapping. The magical cooling effect can last up to several hours and easy to reactivate it by repeating the same steps. The unique cooling system uses moisture from the towel to draw the sweat away from your skin to keep you cool. Everyone can use the cooling towel, even pets.
  • FASHION, COMFORTABLE FIT - provides a pleasing color scheme, decent size (40"x12"-large enough to meet your needs) and lightweight. It has a soft feel and attractive to use in public and a perfect size to be a towel, scarf, headband and bandana. It's just the right size to wrap around your neck or head. The edges are smoothly finished and the exquisite stitching prevents the 4 semicircular corners from unraveling. Use them any place it is hot and you need to cool down to be comfortable.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY(RoHS APPROVED), VERSATILE - works on the physical evaporation of moisture. No chemicals are used in the making of the Syourself cooling towels. It's perfect for hot flashes, outdoor activities, indoor exercise, fever or headache therapy, heatstroke prevention, sunscreen protection, cooling while absorbing. Keep yourself cool during hot summer days, workout sessions, outdoor adventures or when someone has a migraine.
  • TOP QUALITY, GREAT GIFT - Softcool Extreme material, dries soft and doesn't drip water. It would be a thoughtful and caring gift for your families or friends who are heavy sweating, sports enthusiasts, kitchen staff, outside workers, mom with baby. Perfect for vacations to hot places or if you work outdoors in the heat and need a quick cool down, it absorbs heat or sweat pretty quickly and takes a fair amount of time to lose its cooling effect but just snap it in the air and it gets it all back.
  • BONUSE - nice portable pouch(CE APPROVED). It comes in a FREE waterproof carrying pouch along with a carabiner to attach or fit into your bag, which takes up a little room and weighs a little in your backpack or your purse when you are planning on a travel or outdoor activity.

Paragon Golf Swing Fan Warm-up Trainer

Paragon Golf Swing Fan Warm-up Trainer
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2020
  • Core Muscle Training Utilizes Air Resistance from Four Wind Blades.
  • The Faste the Swing is, the Greater the Positive Resistance.
  • Helps Strengthen Swing's Follow-thru and Body Rotation.
  • Molded Grip Helps Proper Hand Positions.
  • Right Hand Only.

Team Golf NFL New England Patriots 62" Golf Umbrella with Protective Sheath, Double Canopy Wind Protection Design, Auto Open Button

Team Golf NFL New England Patriots 62
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2020
  • 62" Umbrella
  • Double canopy wind protection design
  • 100% nylon fabric
  • Auto open button
  • 4 location imprint and printed sheath

Team Golf NFL San Francisco 49ers Jacquard Woven Golf Towel, 16" x 19", 100% Cotton, Attach to Golf Bag with Corner Hook

Team Golf NFL San Francisco 49ers Jacquard Woven Golf Towel, 16
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2020
  • 16" x 19" woven golf towel
  • 100% cotton
  • Top and bottom hem includes school name
  • Includes corner hook for easy attachment to the golf bag

Team Golf NCAA Michigan Wolverines Jacquard Woven Golf Towel, 16" x 19", 100% Cotton, Attach to Golf Bag with Corner Hook

Team Golf NCAA Michigan Wolverines Jacquard Woven Golf Towel, 16
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2020
  • 16" x 19" woven golf towel
  • 100% cotton
  • Top and bottom hem includes school name
  • Includes corner hook for easy attachment to the golf bag

Team Golf NFL Detroit Lions Golf Cap Clip with 2 Removable Double-Sided Enamel Magnetic Ball Markers, Attaches Easily to Hats

Team Golf NFL Detroit Lions Golf Cap Clip with 2 Removable Double-Sided Enamel Magnetic Ball Markers, Attaches Easily to Hats
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2020
  • The stylish cap clip easily attaches to any hat
  • 2 double sided enamel color fill magnetic markers

SKLZ GFT01-000-001 Gold Flex Golf Trainer. Strength, Tempo, and Warm Up Tool. 48"

SKLZ GFT01-000-001 Gold Flex Golf Trainer. Strength, Tempo, and Warm Up Tool. 48
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2020
  • DEVELOP BETTER MECHANICS. Find the natural feel of lag, and develop core golf muscles with the SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer. Correct the path and develop a flatter swing plane that is initiated from the lower body, allowing you to fight slices
  • BUILD MORE POWER. Build muscle memory and strengthen your swing with the 2.5lb. weighted head so you can hit every ball with ease. The extra flex in the shaft helps lengthen your swing, giving you more power and better control
  • THE PERFECT WARM UP TOOL. When you swing the trainer it creates a low-impact stretch to increase flexibility and range of motion. The momentum of the weighted head encourages proper weight transfer, improved form, centered balance and greater power
  • DEVELOP YOUR TEMPO. Swing the Gold Flex repetitively to gain feedback and correct bad habits. The exaggerated flex allows for a lag during your back swing to help find your tempo. Use this easy training aid 10-20 times a day to improve your game
  • MADE TO LAST. SKLZ provides you with high quality sports equipment that is durable, strong, and made to last. Whether you're a competitive golfer, or play leisurely with friends, the Gold Flex will help you reach your goals

NCAA Oregon Ducks 3 Marker Signature Golf Divot Tool Pack

NCAA Oregon Ducks 3 Marker Signature Golf Divot Tool Pack
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2020
  • Pack includes our sleek Signature divot tool with soft PVC insert
  • 3 double sided enamel color fill magnetic markers
  • Nickel color finish

Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set

Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set
BESTSELLER NO. 11 in 2020
  • RUBBER DESIGN FOR ALL AGES: Made with quality rubber, these lightweight horseshoes are easy to throw and aim compared to traditional metal horseshoes, and their soft design also makes them safe to use for kids and adults
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR PLAY: Designed with lightweight rubber playing mats and rubber horseshoes, this horseshoe game is suitable for indoor or outdoor use as it will not damage floors or walls during games and is sure to stay in place
  • BRIGHT, VIBRANT COLORS: This horseshoe set comes with bright red and blue horseshoes along with vibrant yellow pegs, improving visibility for outdoor play and making it easier for players to see their target when throwing the horseshoes
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PLAY: With 4 horseshoes, 2 rubber mats with center pegs, and 2 red plastic dowels, this horseshoe set comes with everything needed to start a game in your backyard, on the playground, or in the gym
  • QUICK, EASY SET-UP: Made to be easy and convenient to set-up and tear-down, this horseshoe game is simple enough for anyone, including kids, to put together on their own right out of the box

Callaway 2016 Chrome Soft Golf Balls, Yellow

Callaway 2016 Chrome Soft Golf Balls, Yellow
BESTSELLER NO. 12 in 2020

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Embroidered Golf Towel

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Embroidered Golf Towel
BESTSELLER NO. 13 in 2020
  • 16" x 22" tri-fold embroidered towel
  • 100% cotton
  • Checkered scrubber design with bottom embroidery
  • Swivel clip for easy attachment and removal from golf bag
  • Embroidered logo

Splash or Explode: The Two Basic Sand Golf Shots

There are two basic types of shot you can play from the sand: the splash shot and the explosion shot. Each can be tweaked to some degree to produce different heights and lengths.

The first rule of selecting between the two shots is an easy one: Play the splash shot whenever you can. One of the prob­lems we frequently see in our schools among players who can't break 100 or 90 on a regular basis is that they play every sand shot as if it were an explosion shot. Somewhere, somehow they came to the conclusion that every bunker shot is an explosion shot. Perhaps it's because they never had the patience to prac­tice the technique for playing the splash shot. It is true that the explosion shot is slightly easier to play, but it doesn't allow you to get the ball anywhere near the hole by any means other than luck. The reason you want to play the splash shot at every opportunity is that you increase spin and control on your shot by limiting the amount of sand that gets between the clubface and the ball. The more sand you dig up, the less control you have over the shot.

A splash shot is the type of shot that the sand wedge was invented to play. You can use any club to hit an explosion shot, but a splash shot requires a club that will gently deflect off the sand after penetrating the surface. The idea is to skim through a thin layer of sand behind and underneath the ball. To the poor player, this is certainly a more dangerous shot to play. In your case, however, you're ready to take the step up and learn to play this shot effectively.

One of the primary elements of executing this shot is trust-that is, trust in your sand wedge. If you're not used to playing this type of shot, you might want to start out using a sand wedge that has more bounce. Eventually, the better you get at the shot, the less bounce you'll want on your sand wedge. This is because as you continue improving your ability to hit this shot, you'll want the club to enter the sand closer and closer to the ball. In any case, in terms of trust, you have to rely on the club to deflect up once it hits the sand.

Do not to use your feet as your reference point for anything in your setup. This is another case where we'd like you to focus on that. Since the width of your stance is going to vary depending on the type of shot you play, you should continue to use your body (or more specifically, your chest) as your main reference point. In the case of playing the splash shot, you want to play the ball forward in your stance. Somewhere about equal with your left armpit will do nicely as a starting point. You can make adjust­ments as you go along. Once you have this set, open your body up to the target line while keeping the clubface aimed at your target. When you swing the club, swing it along the straight lines of your body, not along the target line. The effect this cre­ates is that of the club "cutting across" the ball.

When you swing the club back you want to make sure you keep your lower body quiet. One way of doing this is to set up with your weight mostly on your left leg and to leave it there throughout the entire swing. Even when your shoulders turn away from the ball in the backswing, you leave the weight on your left leg.

There are two things about this shot that make it seem dif­ficult to players who are not used to executing it. The first thing is the path of the swing, and the second is the length of the fol­low-through. The swing path problem is not all that different than the one posed when playing pitch shots. You simply swing the club along the lines where your body is aimed. In almost every case when you're playing a splash shot that is going to be a point left of the target.

The second sticky point about playing the splash shot is the length of the follow through. This point is the boogie man of golf. The reason so many average players are horrible from the sand is because they are terrified to maintain the speed of the club through the sand and to swing to a full follow-through position. This fear is instinctive and, to some degree at least, logical. The fear is that if you make a solidly paced swing with a big follow-through, the ball is going to go too far. That's not going to happen. Another reason that players struggle with the length of the follow-through is that the splash shot is by nature a gentle shot, the distance of which is controlled in large part by the length of the backswing. To produce a very short shot, the club has to be swung back only a short distance in the back-swing. However, the hands must still swing through to head high during the follow-through. This disproportionate swing seems to mess with the minds of borderline players. There is only one way to overcome this fear: Practice these shots until you become familiar with the unbalanced swing length and the dose proximity of the clubhead to the ball at impact.

The explosion shot is an altogether different kettle of fish from the splash shot. There is more than one situation where you might want to play an explosion shot. When your ball is buried, you have no choice-you must play an explosion shot. When you have a severe fried egg, that is, the sand around the ball has vanished to the point that there is no sand directly behind the ball at the point you'd like the dub to enter the sand, then you should probably opt for the explosion shot rather than risk blading the ball across the green. The third time you might want to play an explosion shot is when you are in a front bunker at a very large, deep green, and the hole is cut in the back of the green. In such a situation, it can be difficult to fly the ball to the precise point you would need to, and as a result you might end up overswinging or catching too little sand and sending the ball flying over the green. The explosion shot, which runs quite a bit once it hits the ground, can come in handy at such moments.

How much the ball runs once it's on the putting surface depends on a few factors: how hard you swing, the dub you use (it's not automatically a sand wedge), how dose to the ball you slam the dub into the sand, and the type of sand in the bunker. (More on the type of sand in a moment)

The fundamental moves for playing the explosion shot are as follows:

1) The primary goal and therefore the thing you should focus on with this shot is digging the dub down into the sand. This is clearly the opposite of the splash shot. Here you are using the clubhead almost as a shovel. The least resistance occurs when you dig into the sand with the lead edge of the clubhead square to the target line. The idea is for the dub to dig underneath and behind the ball and for the resulting forward-moving explosion of sand to lift the ball up onto the green. There is no spin on this shot because too much sand gets between the clubhead and the ball.

2) Since you want the clubface to be square to the target line, we recommend playing this shot from a perfectly square stance If you open your stance as you do for a splash shot, you might end up yanking the shot horribly to the left or leaving it in the bunker.

3) Since you want the club to approach the ball at quite a steep angle and to hit into the sand behind the ball, you'll want to position the ball at least as far back as the inside of your right shoulder. The deeper the ball is buried, the farther back in your stance you want it at address.

4) You want to lean your body toward the target when playing this shot. Set up to the ball with most of your weight on your left leg and feeling as if your head is well ahead of the ball. Keep those two feelings throughout your swing.

5) The swing itself is a pure hatchet job. Since you have the ball back in your stance you're going to be lifting the clubhead almost straight into the air. The closer to the ball you strike the sand, the more the ball should carry. The danger here is that if you hit too close to the ball, you may end up leaving the ball in the sand because you haven't displaced enough sand to lift the ball into the air. Along those same lines, if you hit too far behind the ball, you'll put too much sand between your club and the ball, and the "explosion" will occur too far behind the ball. The result is that the ball stays in the sand. The only way to get a feel for how close to drive the club into the sand is to practice by pushing balls into the sand at varying depths, say three-quarters buried, top of ball level with top of sand, and top of ball actually below the top of the sand.

5) There is no follow-through on this shot. It's not because you wouldn't want to follow through, it's because it's impossible to do so due to the angle at which the club strikes the sand.

6) The club selection' on this shot is really a judgment call on your part. The deeper the ball in the sand, the more difficult it is to force the sand wedge down far enough to extricate the ball. You might want to opt for the pitching wedge, which depending on what type of irons you play may have a "sharper" or thinner leading edge, ideal for digging deeper into the sand. You may even want to try an 8-iron or 9-iron depending on how far you'd like the ball to run after it hits the green. If you want extra run to a back pin, the 8-iron or 9-iron could do the trick. Maximum loft is not so important in play­ing the explosion shot as it is in playing the splash shot.

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