13 Best Kids' Golf Balls

List Updated March 2020

Bestselling Kids' Golf Balls in 2020

Marvel Spider-Man Golf Balls

Marvel Spider-Man Golf Balls
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2020
  • 6 golf balls per package
  • Spider-Man imprinted on each ball
  • 80 compression ball
  • Helpful for slower swing speeds
  • never lose your golf ball

Wilson Sponge Bob Golf Balls 6 Pack

Wilson Sponge Bob Golf Balls 6 Pack
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2020
  • Spongebob Squarepants Logo
  • Ideal for kids or whimsical adults
  • High-powered titanium core for maximum distance
  • Encourage optimum spin for increased control
  • Great gift idea

Emoji Golf Balls Gift Edition - Deluxe (14 Golf Balls, Fun)

Emoji Golf Balls Gift Edition - Deluxe (14 Golf Balls, Fun)
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2020
  • GREAT FOR GIFT IDEAS OR PRESENTS - Personalize golf gift baskets and goody bags. A creative way to decorate emoji themed parties, party favors, golf birthday present, emoji birthday gift, add to emoji collection and emoji balls. Fun for the novice and Pro level golfer.
  • DISTINGUISH YOUR GOLF BALLS IN THE GAME - Original high quality artwork so that your golf ball stands out in the game from other players. Also makes a great companion gift. Standard 2 layer/piece real practice golf balls, durable professional quality. Ideal gift for a golfer with a sense of humor. Also appropriate and fun for company golf tournament prizes and goody bags. Fun with gag golfing gifts like exploding, foam, noodle, LED, neon, night, soccer, pink, colored golf balls.
  • QUALITY GOLF GIFTS GREAT FOR VARIOUS OCCASIONS such as Retirement gifts, Boss day, laddie gifts, birthday gifts, junior golf camp, youth golf camps, putting practice, Christmas holidays and much more.
  • PRICELESS FUNNY REACTIONS - Watch the happy, surprised expression of friends, family and colleagues when you surprise them with a fun golf gift. Sneak one (or multiple) yellow emoji balls into a new set of regular golf balls and watch their reactions. Fun ideas include: emoji supplies, costume, pinata, classroom and school games, invitations, decorations, toppers, way to rate movie and scores
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - 1 year manufacturer money back guarantee. Buy with confidence! Unlike cheaper balls, Bullfrog Emoji balls will not fall apart and damage your golfing equipment. 13 Yellow golfballs & 1 green golf ball.

US Toy Plastic Golf Balls Game (1 Dozen)

US Toy Plastic Golf Balls Game (1 Dozen)
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2020
  • Measures 1 1/2" in diameter and are fun for all kinds of party purposes
  • Use them to decorate for a golf theme party or for favors for the littlest of golfers, too
  • Our plastic Toy Golf Balls are priced and packed by the dozen balls

US Games Color My Class Golf Balls (Prism Pack)

US Games Color My Class Golf Balls (Prism Pack)
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2020
  • Golf balls roll like traditional golf balls on most surfaces
  • Great for beginners
  • Six balls each of blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow

Paragon Golf Accessories Practice Ball Combo 36 Pieces

Paragon Golf Accessories Practice Ball Combo 36 Pieces
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2020
  • 24 hollow flow practice balls,
  • 12 premium dimple practice balls
  • Comes in a sturdy reusable mesh storage bag

Trio Collection Novelty Golf Balls / Sports / By Paragon

Trio Collection Novelty Golf Balls / Sports / By Paragon
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2020
  • football, basketball, and soccer ball printed golf balls
  • great novelty keepsakes and gifts!
  • USGA conforming golf balls
  • golf balls that play and hit just like standard golf balls

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball (15-Pack), Orange

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball (15-Pack), Orange
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2020
  • Multi Component Technology
  • Excellent reactive titanium core to maximize the energy from club head to ball
  • Two piece tournament construction for explosive distance from metal woods
  • Provides great stop/sticking ability with your irons
  • Aerodynamic dimple design improves lift for longer shots

Kangaroo Emoji Universe: 2-Ply Professional Practice Golf Balls, 12 Emoji Balls

Kangaroo Emoji Universe: 2-Ply Professional Practice Golf Balls, 12 Emoji Balls
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2020
  • 12-Pack, Golf Balls; 6 Emoji Designs; Funny Gag Gifts For Him; Birthday Gifts For Dad; Perfect Gifts For Dad
  • 12 Yellow Emoji Golf Balls In A Gift Box; Perfect Golf Gift; Best In Golf Gifts; Fun Gag Gifts
  • Two Of Each Design; 2 Tears of Joy; 2 Heart Eyes;2 Kissy Face; 2 Tongue; 2 Money Eyes; 2 Sunglasses
  • Perfect For Golf Practice Or Miniature Golf Balls; Will Not Ruin Your Golf Clubs! Great Grandpa Gifts
  • Golf Balls Make Great Golf Gifts And Are 2-Ply Professional Practice Golf Balls; Also Great Golf Gag Gifts

Popular Christmas Gift Toy Kid's Golf Balls Accessories Kits Sets for Toddler 1 1/2" Inch 10 Pack 5 Colors Randomly

Popular Christmas Gift Toy Kid's Golf Balls Accessories Kits Sets for Toddler 1 1/2
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2020
  • Ball Size: 1 1/2" Inch . KID FAVOR ---Kid love to play it with their parents .Our other golf kits,please search ASIN B071NFD4XT B01M4MSID0
  • EASY TO FIND - Perfect plastic practice golf balls for kids toddler beginners .Fresh colors , kids will find it easily .They will know that is their balls , no longer waste time to look for.
  • PERFECT PRACTICE--Playing golf need many balls to practice , kids need them when they are training.It's cheap to have it .If lose , you also needn't waste money .
  • MORE SAFE--You can practice your swing without the worry of smashing a window or injuring bystanders.
  • RECRUIT---These do dent, just push them under very hot water for just a few seconds, and the dent quickly pushes out due to plastic expansion. If it doesn't fully do so, it's easy to do it manually if done promptly.

Nitro Maximum Distance Pink Golf Balls

Nitro Maximum Distance Pink Golf Balls
BESTSELLER NO. 11 in 2020
  • Four Sleeves of 3 Balls Per Sleeve
  • 12 Total Golf Balls per Box
  • Two Piece Tournament Construction insures Explosive Distance off Your Metal Woods
  • Super Reactive Titanium Core Maximizes the Energy Transfer from Club Head to Ball
  • Symmetrical and Aerodynamic Dimple Design Increases Lift While Decreases Drag for Higher and Longer Shots

Golf Balls,Emoji Novelty Professional Practice Golf Balls Toy. Kids Novelty Gifts for Dad's Day Outdoor or Field Playing, 12 Count

Golf Balls,Emoji Novelty Professional Practice Golf Balls Toy. Kids Novelty Gifts for Dad's Day Outdoor or Field Playing, 12 Count
BESTSELLER NO. 12 in 2020

Coast Athletic Brands Aviat Multicolor Oversize Foam Golf Balls | Kids Large Golf Balls | Childrens Learning Golf Balls

Coast Athletic Brands Aviat Multicolor Oversize Foam Golf Balls | Kids Large Golf Balls | Childrens Learning Golf Balls
BESTSELLER NO. 13 in 2020
  • Includes 6 oversize foam golf balls
  • One of each of the six colors shown
  • Great for teaching young golfers
  • These balls measure 2.5" in diameter
  • Bright colors make them easy to spot

Develop Your Golf Swing - the Right Way

Perfecting your golf swing may take hours of practice, but it is well worth it in the end.

Many beginning golfers don't realize how much skill and technique goes into a proper golf swing. It looks so easy when you see experienced golfers or pros swing - it even sounds quite simple when the theory of the technique is explained to you. But watching it and hearing about it, and actually doing it yourself are indeed two very different things!

The first time I took one of my friends to our local golf course, he was shocked at the sheer difficulty of the game. If his eyes were right, his elbows were wrong; if his shoulders were right, his stance was wrong. He accepted my constructive criticism rather well, but I could tell that he was frustrated. It brought me back to my beginning days in the game.

An effective golf swing takes quite a bit of practice to master. People spend years working on their swing, practicing just the right combination of moves that will sink their ball in the hole. Keep in mind that the object is to get the ball into the hole at or under par for that hole….but the swing is what determines whether that actually happens or not. Essentially, a proper golf swing determines the entire outcome of the game!

An effective golf swing is accomplished by forming a triangle with your shoulders and arms, and keeping that triangle locked in place throughout the entire swinging process. This doesn't mean that you should be rigid in your swing - far from it - but the triangle should be firm and your arms should help to lock it into place. This is often easier said than done, and you will find that you lose control of the ball by slicing a great deal before you get the concept down. When you draw the club back, you do not actually move your arms; what you are really manipulating is your shoulder and your hips - without ever actually moving your arms.

There are many training aids available to help you develop a good golf swing. You should take advantage of the available technology to improve your game. There are aids that will help you keep your arms locked, as well as aids that help you keep your wrists locked. There are aids to help you correct your stance, as well as your backswing, upswing, and even the force with which you hit the ball. If you have an issue that needs to be corrected in your golf game or swing, there is a golfing aid available to help you!

Making a video tape, showing your swing from all angles will also help you improve your game. Have a friend video tape your swing. Get lots of footage on the tape, and then watch it - in slow motion. Really pay attention to every aspect of your swing, watching from your head down to your feet. Making yourself aware of the mistakes is the first step to solving them. If you know what problems exist, you will pay special attention to those areas the next time you play. With enough practice and determination, you can correct those problems.

Don't be afraid to look funny. Looking good on the golf course is not your top priority - playing a great game of golf is what you are after. Some people have a stance that looks a little funny to others…but those same people have perfected that stance to the point where they have greatly improved their swing because of it. Some people grip the club in a funny manner. Some people play 'natural golf' using 'natural golf swings.' This form of golf does look funny to traditional golfers - but it is quite effective. Don't be afraid of being different if it helps you play better!

Studying the swings of great golfers can be a training tool within itself. However, it is important to remember that you are an individual. While you can try many of their techniques, their exact technique probably won't work as well for you as it does for them. Take their techniques, and work with them to make them your very own - as long as they improve your game.

You can practice your swing at home or at the office (if this is allowed). You don't need a ball; you just need a little room. Swing the club, just as you would if you were going to hit the ball. Instead of concentrating on needing to hit the ball, however, concentrate on the actual swing. You should also consider using training clubs as well. These will build your strength a great deal, allowing you to hit the ball harder and farther than ever before!

Remember that developing a proper golf swing takes time, practice and patience. If you are having problems, do not get frustrated, or give up. Keep working at it, and look for the solution you need to correct the swing problems you have. One of these days, you will be playing like a pro!

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