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List Updated May 2022

Bestselling Girls' Novelty Shorts in 2022

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Toddler Girls 3 Piece Heart Pajama Set (3T)

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Toddler Girls 3 Piece Heart Pajama Set (3T)
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2022

Mens Only Two Girls Short Of A Threesome Funny Single Guy T-Shirt XL Navy

Mens Only Two Girls Short Of A Threesome Funny Single Guy T-Shirt XL Navy
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2022
  • "I'm Just Two Girls Short Of A Threesome" Are you a single dude who needs a sarcastic shirt? Whether you're a tall guy, bald guy, short guy, fat guy, or chubby guy, this shirt is a funny way to meet girls. This tee is a great gag gift for birthday
  • Wear this to the frat party with your frat brothers as you're shotgunning beers and doing body shots off hot college girls. Beer pong champs need this t-shirt. Funny gym shirt to wear while working out. Makes a funny Fathers Day Gift
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

Bioworld Juniors Girls DC Comics Booty Shorts - Small - Wonder Woman

Bioworld Juniors Girls DC Comics Booty Shorts - Small - Wonder Woman
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2022
  • Officially Licensed.
  • Features DC Comic's on booty shorts.
  • Designed to survive your washing machine and dryer.
  • Perfect shorts to make you look cute!

TM-FSB01-RED_Large Tesla Women's 2.5" Swim Trunks Quick Dry Water Beach Board Shorts

TM-FSB01-RED_Large Tesla Women's 2.5
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2022

Taiycyxgan Baby Kid Girls Cotton Lace Underwear Briefs 4-Pack Safety Legging Shorts Panties 140

Taiycyxgan Baby Kid Girls Cotton Lace Underwear Briefs 4-Pack Safety Legging Shorts Panties 140
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2022
  • Material: 80% cotton and 20% spandex
  • Baby little girls' solid color super soft brief set,girls safty underwear shorts
  • Super soft fabric underwear,Girls Underwear Shorts, 4-Pack Underpants for Skirts, Uniforms
  • Covered elastic waistband for increased comfort and ease of pulling up and down
  • Shipping Time:7-15 working days via USPS

Womens Fun and Colorful Crew Sock 6 Packs-Neon, One Size

Womens Fun and Colorful Crew Sock 6 Packs-Neon, One Size
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2022
  • Construction: 80% Polyester 10% Nylon 10% Spandex
  • Fits Shoe Sizes 4.5 to 10
  • Crew Sock Covers the Ankle, but fall short of the Calf
  • Includes 6 Pairs of Socks
  • Machine Washable

Enfants Cheris Toddler Girs' Fruits Pajamas Summer Clothes Pjs Set (4-5 Years, Pink)

Enfants Cheris Toddler Girs' Fruits Pajamas Summer Clothes Pjs Set (4-5 Years, Pink)
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2022

Sports Katz Big Girls Long Short Brown Youth Small

Sports Katz Big Girls Long Short Brown Youth Small
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2022
  • Super Soft and comfy french terry shorts
  • Raw Edge Hem
  • Drawstring waist
  • Available in a variety of colors. Junior fit, youth sizes available.
  • Machine wash.

Disney Store Frozen Elsa Big Girls PJ PALS Short Set Size 7 Medium

Disney Store Frozen Elsa Big Girls PJ PALS Short Set Size 7 Medium
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2022
  • Disney Store quality sleepwear
  • Short Set features Elsa
  • Short sleeves with soft jersey knit and coordinating elastic-waist shorts with allover floral print, contrast ribbed crew neck and cuffs with picot trim and keyhole neckline.
  • 100% cotton, exclusive of decoration. Imported. Size 7 Medium fits child 6-7 years old, 48-51" tall, 50-57 lbs

Nautica Little Girls' Toddler Novelty Wvn Top with Soft Tulip Shorts, Sail White, 2T

Nautica Little Girls' Toddler Novelty Wvn Top with Soft Tulip Shorts, Sail White, 2T
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2022
  • Woven top with elastic ruffle at top
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Flowy short with fully encased elastic waistband
  • Bow detail on short front


Girls fighting on video, girls signing up to join gangs, girls trying to disfigure one another for fun? This is not new and will not stop until adults start being responsible.

As I sat trying to compose myself with my teacher's help, the culprit, now sitting in a corner laughing, did not care that she could have seriously hurt me.

1970 I was in kindergarten. The girl who hit me in the face did not show remorse and was quite proud to have gotten the better of me.

My parents knew the meanness of the city and had instructed us not to fight. That information did not translate well into my little brain because I took it as never to fight; even for self-defense.

When my mother met with Mrs. Lloyd (my teacher) after that incident, Mrs. Lloyd explained to my mom that I was getting hit almost daily and that I had not fought back. My mother then had to explain self defense vs. kicking someone's ass in order for me to not get killed before I made it to the second grade.

Once I fought that girl back she backed off . . . most days.

When we left New Orleans in 1973 I was beyond thrilled. The meanness that seemed to surround that area was so unnecessary, yet consistent. I fought EVERY day of school starting with the first day of school! It was mainly the girls and even at 5 years of age, they were vicious little bitches!

We moved to Elkhart Indiana where upon entry into the city you would think you were entering paradise. Lush landscapes and houses that looked nothing like the rows of shotgun houses in New Orleans. There were parks and places for kids to be kids. Then school started.

I was now in the 3rd grade. My first days at Hawthorne Elementary were rather quiet. So much so that one day I refused to go out to the playground with the rest of kids. My teacher kept insisting that I go and when I finally said, "No one wants to play with me." She made it her duty to get the rest of the kids to interact with me. Needless to say I got the shit kicked out of me on the playground that day. Most days some of the boys would take up for me, but the meanness of the girls was something to be believed.

There was one girl in particular who hated me at first sight. She was the biggest girl in the school and she had her Hitler squad with her everywhere she went. I recall her cornering me one day and insisting that she cut my hair. What the fuck is it about mean girls and their need to disfigure everyone?!!! I recall the last time I fought this particular girl.

1979, as I walked down the glass hall at Pierre Moran Jr. High School (now a Middle School) there she was, coming toward me. My heart skipped a beat because I knew she would not let this moment pass; me and her alone. Geez, she could have mopped the floor with me that day and made it to class before the bell rang.

As I took a deep breath and walked quickly by her, she said, "Bitch!" I turned, feeling rather bold that day, and said, "You're mad cause you can't walk like this!"

As I took the first step to go to the second floor to get something out of my locker, my heart sank. I knew I had just signed a death warrant. She was going to kill me dead for sure!

I tried to plot my escape in my head but nothing made sense. I still had two classes to go so I knew I couldn't leave the school. This was looooong before cell phones. So calling my parents to help me out of this mess was not an option. Plus, those were the days when parents let their kids handle their kid mess on their own. That kid mess (meanness) is why parents have to intervene nowadays.

As I came back down the stairs there she was. Her and at least three of her puppets. They surrounded me. Then I heard that all too familiar chat "fight, fight, fight, fight . . ." Did I mention this was the biggest girl in the school. Far bigger than a few of the teachers!

As she wound her arm up (her trade mark ass whoppin stance) I braced myself and tried to think out a strategy at the same time. My brace is what softened the direct blow to my head and I think it is also what gave me the strength to fight back. I was so tired of this particular girl hating on me daily; as if it added years to her life just to make my life miserable.

We tussled in the glass hall for what seemed like an eternity. Then somehow, someway I managed to get my finger tangled in her shirt and ripped it right off of her back. This caused a stir because, again, SHE WAS THE BIGGEST GIRL IN THE SCHOOL!!!

Being topless did not deter her from trying to kill me. Nope. I actually think it gave her more strength.

As I braced myself for another blow, out of nowhere came a teacher (an angel to save my life). We were carted, tattered and torn, to the principal's office.

As we sat outside of Mrs. Carver's office (the principal) all I could do was stare at this girl, twice my size, yet the same age as me. I, for the life of me could not understand what would make one person so hateful!

Moments after sitting there her sister (a year older) came around the corner laughing. She looked at my assaulter and said, "You fightin again?" Then the sister looked at me and with shear horror on her face yelled, "Why you fightin this little girl! What's wrong with you?!"

It was as if my assailant finally got a kiss from a prince that woke her up. She too seemed to realize the immense difference in our sizes, yet she looked baffled; not knowing why she had to fight me every time she saw me.

My mom and I left Elkhart in 1981; headed to Vallejo, California. I got sick with the notion of being the New Kid on the Block not knowing who would see a target on me this time.

It wasn't just in school that I dealt with mean girls. I was in the military for almost six years. Not only are they there, they are encouraged to be mean. Heck, I was being conditioned to be one. But due to the relationship I have with God and my desire to be a positive force on this planet the conditioning was a waste of time.

While stationed in Japan there was a female Sergeant who loved yelling at new troops. She singled me out when I had a disagreement with one of her friends. She began her reign of terror when I changed dorm rooms. One moment she told me to move my stuff, the next she told me to take it back and start over. This went on for hours. Needless to say the day I saw her boyfriend kicking the shit out of her (a weekly ritual they had and an incident she totally instigated) I didn't bat an eye.

Corporate America has their share of them too. I personally got tired of the hateful remarks about my hair. This is an argument black women in America working in corporate offices are still having.

Mean girls are not new. They have been around for decade upon decade. The sad reality of mean girls is that they all too often grow into mean women who give birth to mean children who keep the cycle going.

I have always been very analytical. Even as a child I wondered what would make someone hate on sight. Mean girls do not start off as mean babies. We all have the same starting point. Then those outside factors start to shape who we are.

I firmly believe the girls who hated me saw something they did not have and decided I wouldn't have it either. My sister Sean, like many little girls, had to endure daily fights simply because of long hair.

Sean was a very popular girl and would fight at the drop of a hat. So her torment and torture was inadvertent; but very real. I can't recall her ever having an issue with self-defense. She dealt with girls trying to throw acid on her, cut her hair and on one occasion, a girl ran (literally) into our home to stab my sister because (at the age of 16 - the other girl was 19) the girl thought my sister wanted her boyfriend.

Mean girls are not new. What is new is that they are more vicious and more open with it than ever.

What needs to happen more now than ever is for victims to stand up and report these crimes. Yes, someone cutting your hair, hitting you in the face, throwing acid on you IS A CRIME!

I work as a gang prevention specialist. Our schools are saturated with girls trying to compete with the boys. Girls as young as 10 are now purposefully trying to get into gangs and are doing whatever it takes - sex in, jump in - they don't care. If they see it on TV and think its cool, they will do it! Being a mean girl is the new, latest and greatest thing for girls. What can parents do to divert their little princesses' attention away from this destructive behavior? My first suggestion is (always) turn off the TV. You bought it; you can do with it what you feel. That includes reading the manual to learn how to block channels.

Teach them when they're young - 10 is too late to start helping your daughters with self esteem awareness. That should start at age three. Yes, they need to hear they are pretty. But throw in smart as well. Also, help them to understand that the universe DOES NOT revolve around them. There will be people who like them and the world does not end if everyone does not want to be your friend or march to your tune.

Question outbursts and angry behavior - My mother use to say, "You better not start it, but be the one to finish it." Meaning, if your daughter is acting out because she has been a victim you need to bring this to the attention of the school counselors, principal and then media (depending on the severity of the issue) until there is a sensible resolution. Your child should not be vexed to suicide or bringing a gun to school as a means to an end.

Parents need to unite - If you do not know at least five friends of your children you need to get off of the internet right now and start making some phone calls. You can't know all that your kids are doing. You can't be with them 24 hours a day. But you can leverage some of the madness by having a network that will keep you in the loop and help you with a resolution on any issue that may be endangering the life of your child.

Attend the PTA meetings and community forums that inform you of changes that may be affecting your neighborhood, which ultimately can affect your child's mental growth. The growing issues of gangs immediately comes to mind.

Adults need to grow the hell up - I am ashamed to see how the 40 something's of today have dropped the ball. We are not even trying to be examples to these kids in order for them to know what they have to look forward to once they mature. It's time to grow up and start being a positive influence so that kids can have a template. If mama and daddy are too busy trying to be up in the club then who the hell is raising the kids?!

The unfortunate thing about most assaults that are happening at the elementary and middle school level is that they are going unreported. Sure, kids should be allowed to work out their issues on a kid's level, but remember, mean girls who are now moms will coach their kids. There was a woman recently in the news who coached her daughter through harassing a classmate over the internet; harassment that ultimately led to the young victim committing suicide.

This is not new. This will not stop. It's just a matter of time before girls surpass boys in the juvenile system.

So where do we go from here. Why do girls have so much pent up aggression? Why do girls feel a need to disfigure other girls they deem as the enemy? What starts this flame of anger and hatred?

To this day I still wonder what I did to be a target of these girls hatred. I also wondered why, knowing that the big girl surpassed me on all academic levels, she felt a need to harm me. I often wonder what she was dealing with in her home that made her want to find the weakest link to torture.

There were actually occasions when I tried to befriend this girl. It was a fleeting effort because something about me would set her off and I just can't be around people who think hitting me is a good idea.

I'm glad I grew into the woman that I am today; more concerned about the psyche of this new crop of mean girls and actively am helping to find a solution. I'm glad I have not grown into a bitter and hopeless wretch of a woman; hanging onto horrors of yesteryear, pontificating on the retribution I will have over my past assailants.

I pray that those girls who felt a need to harm have gotten over whatever made them feel it was necessary to attack those they perceived as weaker. I pray that within my lifetime we all take the advice of the Beetles and just give peace a chance. Mainly because when you are at peace with your past and have forgiven and forgotten those who harmed you God will truly open the floodgates of joy for you to bask in.

I long for seeing the progression of girls into ladies, then young women, then confident women who can hold their heads high knowing they have made positive and sensible choices that will not affect their mental development as they get older. Because if you didn't know, you MUST live with you. Therefore, you must make peace with you in order to start being a positive force on this planet.

If you were a mean girl, forgive you and let it go. If you were a victim of a mean girl, forgive them and let it go. I don't know who said it first, but, we can't help what we went through as kids. But we survived it!

Pray for our children. Also, be the example they need to graduate to the next level of maturity.

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