13 Best Bocce Accessories & Parts

List Updated June 2020

Bestselling Bocce Accessories & Parts in 2020

Extendable Bocce Measuring Device - single

Extendable Bocce Measuring Device - single
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2020

ScoreTower - Scoreboard & Drinkholder for Bocce Ball

ScoreTower - Scoreboard & Drinkholder for Bocce Ball
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2020
  • Provides players and spectators with game score
  • Double drink holder holds cans, bottles, coozies, and mugs
  • Includes 5 Color-coded ScoreClamps to match your team's colors
  • Stands a convenient 54" tall when in use
  • Rugged Stake easily pushes into ground using just your foot

BSEEN LED Slap Band, Glow Bracelet, Running Armband Glow in The Dark (Blue-2)

BSEEN LED Slap Band, Glow Bracelet, Running Armband Glow in The Dark (Blue-2)
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2020

Putter Around The House 3 in 1 Shuffleboard and Bocce Games for Golf

Putter Around The House 3 in 1 Shuffleboard and Bocce Games for Golf
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2020
  • Cure your "yips" forever with this realistic playing surface that is like standing on the green of your favorite golf course
  • Practice your putting at your home or office and surprise your buddies when they see your improved touch and feel on the greens
  • Get your kids to stop texting and get involved with the game you love that is fun for the whole family
  • Comes with 10' x 2' oversized playing surface, 6 practice golf balls, 1 bocce object ball, and a nylon carrying case

11FORCE Premium Therapy Massage Balls, Best for Physical Therapy Equipment Lacrosse & Spiky Ball, Plantar Fasciitis Tools, Myofascial Release, Foot Relief Trigger Points, Set or Single, Free Book

11FORCE Premium Therapy Massage Balls, Best for Physical Therapy Equipment Lacrosse & Spiky Ball, Plantar Fasciitis Tools, Myofascial Release, Foot Relief Trigger Points, Set or Single, Free Book
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2020
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MASSAGE THERAPY - AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! Our amazing 11FORCE Massage balls have been specially designed by international physical reflexologists to be the BEST tools for reducing muscle tension and relieving your aches and pains! They are your personal self-message ally, available in Single or Set! Perfect for Reflexology, Piriformis Syndrome, Acupressure, Mobility, Spine & Deep Tissue Massage Treatment, use to hit more specific areas of your body that foam roller can't reach!
  • TROUBLED BY PLANTAR FASCIITIS OR FOOT PAIN? EXPERIENCE INSTANT PAIN RELIEF WITH THE 11 FORCE FOOT MASSAGER - WITHOUT COSTLY INJECTIONS OR SURGERY! Our scientifically constructed, strategically spiked foot & body massaging balls are the strongest and most beneficial on the Internet market today, they will bring you instant relief and muscle recovery to your foot, hamstrings & quadriceps. This small ball roller can be a great help in your muscle pain treatment - rehabilitation process.
  • ALL 11FORCE PHYSICAL THERAPY PRODUCTS ARE GUARANTEED TO RELIEVE STRESS AND BE POWERFUL EQUIPMENT IN YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH CARE REGIMEN! International medical experts estimate that in excess of 90% of disease is "stress related". In truth, nothing ages people faster than prolonged muscle stress and pain. ALL our products ease and alleviate pain and stress in your Sciatica Nerve, Lower Lumbar Spondylosis Treatment area, Heel Spur, Feet, Shoulders, Back Pain Relief, Chest, Arms, and Hands.
  • OUR LACROSSE, SPIKY, PORCUPINE BALLS ARE PERFECT FOR ALL AGES & LEVELS OF PHYSICAL FITNESS! From Beginners to Athletes our quality-enhanced series of 3 differing strength 11FORCE products have been created to solve a variety of sports, work, and age-related problems! Physical issues like Fibromyalgia Relief & Treatment, Muscle Knots Relaxers, and Myofascial Release. These personal discomforts can be solved and healing can begin via our Deep Tissue massages of your body's Trigger Points.
  • WE VALIDATE OUR PRODUCTS & YOUR SATISFACTION BY OFFERING ALL OUR CUSTOMERS A LIFETIME WARRANTY! If our therapy products do not meet your expectations, we will refund or replace them. ADDED BONUS: A FREE EXERCISE/MASSAGE GUIDEBOOK! With every 11FORCE purchase, we will include an exercise guidebook - with HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS & DESCRIPTIVE PHOTOS on HOW TO CORRECTLY USE our products in a Proper/HEALING manner!

MIZU Life Party Cup Set - 2 Stainless Steel, One Size

MIZU Life Party Cup Set - 2 Stainless Steel, One Size
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2020
  • Diameter: 85mm / 3.34"
  • Height: 103.29mm / 4.06"
  • Volume: 420 Ml / 14 Oz
  • Weight: 6.3 Oz

GlowHERO LED Slap Bracelet - The Original Glow Band - As Seen On TV- Ultra Bright High Visibility Reflective Safety Slap Band (Neon Pink, Unisex)

GlowHERO LED Slap Bracelet - The Original Glow Band - As Seen On TV- Ultra Bright High Visibility Reflective Safety Slap Band (Neon Pink, Unisex)
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2020

Kestrel Bocce Measuring Device

Kestrel Bocce Measuring Device
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2020

Heavy Duty Nylon Bocce Bag - Blue with Black Handles

Heavy Duty Nylon Bocce Bag - Blue with Black Handles
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2020

Heavy Duty 8 Ball Bocce Bag by EPCO

Heavy Duty 8 Ball Bocce Bag by EPCO
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2020

Verus Sports Cornhole or Bean Bag Toss Replacement Bags (4 Blue and 4 Grey)

Verus Sports Cornhole or Bean Bag Toss Replacement Bags (4 Blue and 4 Grey)
BESTSELLER NO. 11 in 2020
  • New and Improved! Verus Sports brings you 8 durable bean bags for your next game of cornhole. These are heavy duty bags, double stitched to ensure they won't break during that critical game point
  • It's official - these bags are regulation size (approximately 6" x 6") and weight (about 16 oz.). Perfect for all ages and play surfaces
  • The bags are royal blue and pale grey (4 of each), made of sturdy, weather resistant "duck" material and filled with small plastic gravel pellets
  • Includes a mesh carry bag for easy transport to the party, park, beach, backyard - wherever you play the game

EPCO Bocce Ball or Bowling Ball Polish

EPCO Bocce Ball or Bowling Ball Polish
BESTSELLER NO. 12 in 2020

Sportcraft Bocce Ball Rules - Official Bocce Rules

Sportcraft Bocce Ball Rules - Official Bocce Rules
BESTSELLER NO. 13 in 2020

Why Freelance Writers Should NOT Spin Articles or Do Rewrite Jobs

As a freelance writer it is tempting to take any and all jobs that come along. Realistically, you don't have the time for that. Further, some jobs can drag you down, instead of lift you up as a writer. Find out more about freelance writing jobs.

A pay-per-click program, performance pay and the like are the most common ways to get paid for online work. Hard copy gets paid by the word, but often it takes a long time to get your work in print. There are also job boards, online, where you can pick up freelance work or extra jobs. Ifreelance.com is a members only job board and Odesk is a similar job board with a wide variety of work at home opportunities based on experience.

What does it mean for a freelance writer to spin an article?

One job that is easy for freelance writers to pick up is that of spinning or re-writing articles. These are articles that are written primarily to attract sales. Website owners often want several versions of an article because duplicate articles are penalized by some search engines, like Google. So they want a handful of articles that say basically the same thing, but each has to be original.

There are companies and software created specifically for creating re-writes. Most web business owners realize the software stinks and often creates nothing more than a jumble of incomprehensible mish-mash packed with SEO words and phrases. Large, well established businesses often have their own team of freelance writers doing this job. Others use established companies which exist to create re-writes. These services aren't cheap.

Small start-up web entrepreneurs know they need re-writes, but don't have time to do it themselves or money to work with an agency. This is where freelance writers get a job offer.

Sounds like an easy job doesn't it? It is easy, but there are at least five reasons why I believe freelance writers should not pick up spin jobs or re-writes.

5 Reasons Not to hire out as a freelancer for article spins or re-writes.

Re-writes and spins do not pay.

In order to be a successful freelance writer you have to have ideas, talent, and good grammar skills. If you are really a writer, the skills that you have are not common to everyone. That differentiation is what enables you to earn money as a freelance writer. Doing re-writes does not call on your professional abilities as a writer; it simply calls on your ability to re-organize a paragraph or article. Consequently, people who do spins and re-writes are about a dime a dozen. There are so many people around the world willing to do article spins and re-writes that it simply doesn't pay well. You could make more money in a month posting one article a week on than the amount of time it takes to do a handful of re-writes.

Freelance writers cannot be sure the original article is not plagiarized.

As a freelancer I have picked up some article spin jobs along the way. One of the most aggravating things about articles that are sent to you to spin is that you don't know if the person sending them to you wrote them or not. Your name is never attached to the article, but nonetheless, as a freelance writer on the web it is all too easy to fall victim to plagiarism.

When I read one article that is barely discernable and takes more time to interpret than to re-write, then the next one is written perfectly, I can't help but wonder who the original author is. If you are going to spin or re-write for extra freelance income, at least ask for the original source.

The possibility that you are plagiarizing another writer's material is fairly high. I simply will not re-write or spin for anyone that I do not personally know and trust. I cannot stand when would-be writers plagiarize and I no longer want to spin articles because I want no part of plagiarizing another's work.

Spinning articles is boring and stifles a true writer's creativity.

At first, the prospect of spinning or re-writing articles for pay may sound appealing. The truth is that as a writer, re-writing others work may give you ideas and glimpses of other styles of writing. However, I believe the detriment to your writing style is much greater than the benefit. Re-writing articles stifles your creativity. You spend too much time focusing on the wants and needs of the entrepreneur who hired you and less time expressing yourself. When you get back to your freelance writing you may find it difficult to unearth those great, creative ideas that are buried inside your writer's soul.

Spinning articles and doing re-writes robs you of valuable time for other freelance projects.

Not only does it stifle your creativity as a freelance writer to pick up spin and re-write jobs, but it is also a time consuming task. It's not difficult, but depending on the number of re-writes and the content, it can take time, especially if you are particular about the work you present to the public. I found out the hard way that freelance re-write jobs take more time than they are worth. I've made the statement that I could make more sleeping than doing re-writes. To which my husband often replies he wishes I would sleep instead because re-writes generally happen late at night while he is trying to sleep and I'm grumbling.

Re-writes and spins do nothing for your online reputation as a freelance writer.

Even if you enjoy doing re-writes, which I can't imagine, but perhaps you do, sometimes it is not a bad freelance gig when you are zoned out and need an easy job. But keep this in mind, re-writing articles and spinning articles for freelance work does nothing for your online presence and reputation. As I have mentioned before your name does not accompany re-writes. (Which is probably a good thing considering you don't know the original source of the article.) As a freelance writer you need to pick up jobs and submit articles that not only earn money, but increase your brand across the web. This is the only way you will gain much deserved recognition and higher paying jobs because of the quality and creativity of your work.

Don't fall prey to the need for a few bucks and a writing job at the expense of pursuing your destiny as a freelance writer.

There are too many websites that offer a platform, promotion, and pay for you to sacrifice your time and talent doing re-writes. is one such platform. These types of writing jobs allow you flexibility in expressing yourself and pay is commensurate with people you bring to the website. There are similar sites out there such as Helium.com and Examiner.com.

The bottom line is to make sure you understand what you are being hired for as a freelance writer before you accept just any job. There is no point wasting your time, when time and ideas are the writer's premium.

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